Monday, June 29, 2009

It's been tough

Last week was a tough week. The ugly "your job is in danger" monster reared its ugly head again. The state continues to struggle to find answers to the current budget and future budget shortfalls. A 1% tax increase vs decimating k-12 and higher education with further cuts seems like an easy choice to me, but I admit I'm highly biased.

My plan B has been to return to graduate school for my PhD if I lost my job, but that plan took an unexpected turn when I learned my application had been rejected. This was particularly jaw dropping because I saw my application as a safety and had received feedback that led me to believe I was in with no worries. Now I'm worried.

This weekend was a nice break from thinking about Plan A and Plan B. I worked 24 of 48 hours in our backyard. The highs were 108 the low in the mornings was 88. I shoveled gravel, shoveled gravel, dug out stumps, and carried heavy things - like gravel. My body hurts so bad today it is unreal. I can hardly grip anything between the blisters and the muscle pain and my back has really flared up again. The good news is we are 24 hours closer to having a backyard.

I've got a local 10k race this coming weekend. I've been doing almost no running. It's going to hurt, but be a good measure of where my run fitness is right now. I've been killing the bike so hopefully there's some crossover.

Training Update:
Thursday - bike 40 miles (split 20/20, to/from work) with 1600m swim during lunch
Friday - strength session at the gym
Saturday - yard
Sunday - woke up at 5:30 to ride the SS, but I couldn't do it, can't imagine how bad the day of yard work would have felt had I ridden before I started
Monday - 1600m swim during lunch, trying to loosen up my back and hands

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