Tuesday, June 16, 2009

N. AZ training camp - day 2

Saturday I decided to head out on my own in search of more miles on the bike. It was crazy windy and I quickly regretted my decision, but once I was out I knew it was only going to make me stronger, especially with winds so strong I had to pedal downhill.

On the road
decent shoulder, but too much traffic
too scared on the side of the hwy for a good shot
I found a pretty good loop from the house that came to just under 20 miles with one really good 8 mile climb. I can't wait to do this again and maybe add some more to it. Climbing on the CX bike at 6,000ft is great XTERRA training!

I came back from my road ride and made a quick transition to a run with A and the dog. We hit a mix of road and trails on a 4.5 mile out and back. For the first mile my legs felt great and I was feeling strong coming off two big days on the bike, but then we hit a climb and I was loosing steam fast. Thankfully A had a great pace going and helped pull me along to grind out the rest of the run.

Saturday's post brick recovery was perfect. I enjoyed some cold beer in the hot tub before an afternoon of geeking out playing computer games. Oh Command and Conquer....
Road ride: 18 miles
Run: 4.5 miles

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