Tuesday, June 16, 2009

N. AZ training camp - day 3

Recovery. That's what Sunday brought. I thought about an easy run to loosen up and put in some more miles, but instead my mother-in-law, who is a yoga instructor extraordinaire, put me through a 2 hour personal yoga class outside. Thank god for the calming views and gentle breeze because most of the postures were focused on hip openers and I was struggling.

After yoga I could feel so much more blood flowing to my legs and was psyched to have learned some great new stretches. I grabbed some more recovery fuel (cold beer) and hit up the hot tub one last time before the trip back to the Valley.

A full weekend for sure and when we weren't working out we were eating great food, drinking, and even found time to check out The Hangover (two thumbs up) and just read and relax. If only every weekend could be like that!

Weekend totals:
30 miles on the bike
4.5 miles running
2 hours of yoga + more recovery

Some small totals, but for being at altitude and trying not to push my back too much it felt just right.

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Chris said...

How many blocks and straps did you have to use?