Thursday, May 8, 2008

Training and race schedule update

I’ve had trouble focusing after two big race weekends back-to-back and a week of traveling and rest between the two events. What seemed like a long four months of training leading up to Ft. Yargo has flown by and I am left without a concrete plan for the next weeks/months before my next XTERRA race. I haven’t decided if I will make the trip to AL for the Southeast Regional race or if I will just use that weekend to train and try to rock the Dawg Days race in Little Rock later in June. I still have some time to decide.

Training Update:
Saturday – DSG! 22 miles racing on the MTB
Sunday – Walk hills for 1 hr (recovery)
Monday – Swim 1,800 (drill and pull), weights during lunch
Tuesday – 1.5 hr nonstop on MTB, weights during lunch
Wednesday – 1 mile warm-up, then 2 x .5 mile hill repeats (running), Brick workout during lunch 10 minute hill climb on stationary bike, 5 minute sprint on treadmill - repeat!

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