Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Everything is better underwater

Planning for the transition to a new job and a move across the country has made it hard to find time for training. The stress and rainy weather aren’t helping either. However, this morning I was able to get to the pool before work and have a great workout. There is just something about water that is soothing. The stillness and muted view of the world that comes from being underwater is fantastic. As a kid I used to put on goggles and a snorkel and just float in the bathtub face down examining the bottom of the tub. My favorite vacations are the ones where we go snorkeling, even if there is nothing in the water to see. I could just float and swim staring at the sand all day long. This morning I had a great workout and then plenty of time to just play around in the water and blow off some steam.
It also makes a big difference having my training partner, Chris, back after a month hiatus. Even if he’s a couple lanes over in the pool, or we are breathing too hard to talk on the track, there is something about training with someone that makes the workouts easier. Thanks for reading.

Training Update:
Wed. – swim 2000m
Thursday – resistance training
Friday – Bike 12, run 2
Sat./Sun. – recovery
Monday – Swim 2000m + mow yard = hills workout
Tuesday – Track workout, 1 mile warm-up 600m supersets x 4 (my least favorite and most productive part of training)
Wed. – Swim 1800m

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