Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Energy

New energy
It is true that we often don’t realize how valuable or important something is to us until we lose it. That is the case for me as last week the rest of the XTERRA season was in jeopardy. After one lack-luster race with mechanical problems on the bike, I was looking forward to a summer of XTERRA races and redemption. That was all up in the air the last several weeks as my ability to make any of my scheduled races came into question. As of now, it looks like I will only be able to make one more race for the 2008 XTERRA season. Months of hard work, training, and dedication have left me with only one race left to leave it all on the line. The added pressure is that by finishing top 3 at this final race I may earn enough points to qualify for XTERRA nationals by a very thin margin – very thin, but possible.
The news of this last race of the year (when I thought I was done for the year) has given me a new energy, new hope, and new dedication to training. I have approximately 5 weeks to prepare for my last race and build on the solid foundation I have put together up to this point. 5 weeks. I plan on going all out in preparation for this race and am more excited than I have been about any competition in some time. Stay tuned for more on why I’ve had to change my plans for the season…Trust me, it’s good news!

Training Update:
Monday: AM - 1800m swim, Lunch - resistance training, PM - 5x hill repeats (running)

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