Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Back from Denver

I had a great 5 days in Denver and Boulder. What a beautiful part of the country. Not as much training as I hoped to get in while I was there, but plenty of good times with close friends. Thursday we went to a Forrest Yoga class taught by one of our friends. Because it was one of the first classes at a new studio we were the only ones there. That meant we had almost 2 hours of private yoga with one of the best instructors in Denver. Sweet! Friday and Saturday were the UPA College National Championships where I was able to support the CUT boys in their run to the semi’s (farthest they’ve been since my senior year in ’03). I never managed to get away from the fields and up in the mountains, but I was content to support the team with the mountains as a backdrop. Despite getting back late Sunday night I was back at it on Monday with a good swim workout and run on Tuesday. Stay tuned for new changes to my racing schedule….

Training Update:
Monday: Swim 2000m, heavy on pull sets / resistance training and abs
Tuesday: Run 3 miles, close to race pace with hills / resistance training

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