Thursday, May 29, 2008

Too Long

So after the XTERRA Ft. Yargo race (and a disaster of an experience with my chain) I was super frustrated with my Rig. I was so frustrated that the bike just hung in the garage untouched until today. This was a big mistake. Today I finally wheeled the bike out of the garage, packed it in the car, and took it to Biker’s Choice in Hendersonville. The bike still had my XTERRA race # on it, and I quickly realized I was totally over the poor race results in Georgia and ready to forgive my Rig. More importantly I realized what a sweet bike I have and that I had let it sit neglected for far too long. Hopefully ready by early next week, the Rig is having a new crank and new chain put on in addition to being outfitted for the desert. I’m having the Reba front fork rebuilt and changed from 80mm to 100mm, while keeping my cockpit dimensions the same. I can’t wait to ride the SS again, particularly in the desert with the new travel adjustments.

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