Thursday, January 21, 2010

The week that never happened

I'm in my second week of training for the season. That's right week 2 - part deux. Last week I came down with a cold that ended with a sinus infection and trip to the urgent care center. Gotta love pushing too hard and doing too much. So this week I am back on the wagon and trying to go strong despite the fact that I now live in Seattle. What? Yup, my Arizona sunshine has been replaced with rain, rain, and more rain.
Phoenix averages around 7 inches of rain a year. This week we are getting 6 inches. This means Phoenix is in full on disaster mode giving out sandbags, canceling events, and making training a little more difficult, but not too bad. I guess the rest of you actually have to think about rain on a regular basis, bummer.
Monday - weights/core/ultimate practice
Tuesday - 50min run
Wednesday - AM swim / ultimate canceled
Thursday - AM lift / PM bike trainer workout

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Erin said...

What!? Seattle? And holy lord, if it doesn't stop raining in Stanford, I'm going to recruit some engineers to put a giant umbrella over campus.