Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 6/7 - Building (for others)

Saturday was a big day. Runnerwife and I woke up early and headed out to a Habitat for Humanity House to volunteer for the day. The real estate agent who sold us our house, Ken Mayer (who is awesome), gathers a group of his clients to volunteer every year to build houses for those who are less fortunate. It's always a powerful experience and this year was no exception.

Of course, after spending hours on a roof laying shingles and hauling supplies all anyone wants to do is swim, right? Actually, with the weather we are having (mid 70's) it sounded really good, so I hit the pool.

Saturday AM - build for habitat

Saturday PM - swim workout 1,400m

Sunday - woke up sick, too many 5am mornings turning in grad school papers, and too much going on all at once. How do you know you are over training? Sickness happens.

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Erin said...

Feel better soon! SLEEP!