Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 - Day 1

Standing in my bathroom, shrouded by the blue glow of my laptop monitor, hitting refresh like roadie bidding on eBay for spandex. That's how day 1 of my 2010 XTERRA and Ultimate season started, and day 6 as a graduate student.
I managed to avoid waking up runnerwife, totally opening my eyes, and still took the top spot on the podium in my online class. You see, today started at 4:55am so I could submit two papers for graduate school. The first two students to write their papers on the same topic close that topic for the course. So the only way to prevent having to write additional papers for an open topic is to be one of the first two students to submit your paper. I'm a competitive SOB. Not dressed, not coherent, and not too thrilled to be awake I successfully submitted my papers (1st) at the 5am start...Welcome to 2010. Year 3.

AM - Morning weights (4x12):
  • pullups
  • pushups
  • body weight rows
  • lateral DB raises
  • swimmers
Lunch - 1/2 mile run, light yoga

PM - 3hr ultimate practice incl. abs
Morning weight 174 (heaviest ever)
RHR 56 bpm

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C-zookie said...

oh sure just share my workout secrets with everyone! I thought you were a competitive SOB. By the way, when do I get my first payment? ;)