Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 2 - solar powered

I woke up on day two of my 2010 season to a reminder of what it feels like to really work out, and that's a good thing. Ultimate practice on Monday night was good. A decent group of guys and the right amount of plyometrics, sprinting, jumping, and intervals that I feel it, but am not totally spent. I got home late from the three hour practice, but jumped in the pool for a late night ice bath. Damn, it was cold.

Tuesday AM - slept in

Tuesday lunch - 45 minute easy run. Beautiful run through the desert with mountain views to the south and the east. It was over 70 so I took my shirt off and soaked up the rays while I ran. The sun feels so good and running outside without being bundled up is such a blessing. Almost as good as swimming outside, but I have a couple months before that is possible again.

Tuesday PM - watched the biggest loser

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