Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 5 - the academic toll

I knew that starting grad school and my 2010 season in the same week would be rough. I was right. I've been staying on track with all my workouts and my academics (I've read 491 pages, written 16 papers (48 total pages), and submitted work at 5am daily this week), but it is taking it's toll. I'm tired. There is a reason I recommend that students avoid 2 week accelerated winter classes.
Yesterday was the first time on the bike in a while and the 18 mile commute home was solid, 18.2 mph average speed, but it sapped what little I had left. The beer and pizza I consumed while staying up to watch the BCS Championship totally did me in for the week. I moved today's workout till this evening and WILL get it done.

Friday PM - Squats, leg press, step ups, lunges (4x12) + core work

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