Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 3 - swimming with Bill

Bill is a retired US Navy Seal, former police officer, and husband to a wife in declining health. He is also my inspiration in the mornings when I swim at the local 24hr fitness. You see, without fail, Bill puts on his pink swim trunks, unpacks his paddles and pull buoy, and jumps in the pool every morning.
As one of the first US Navy Seals, Bill is now in his eighties and no one would fault him if he did a few laps, maybe some water walking, and then hit up the hot-tub or sauna. But this is Bill, my morning inspiration, and he cranks out 2 miles (3,200yds) every morning - then he hits up the hot-tub. Bill is always smiling, always swimming, and always says hello when we share a lane or just the pool. I was glad to kick off my first swim of 2010 in the lane next to Bill.

Wednesday AM - Swim (1,100yds)

Wednesday lunch - nap

Wednesday PM - 3hr ultimate practice + core work

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Erin said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I liked that story very much. And your new blog look. You are one hot ultimate triathlete. :D You're inspiring me to get my bum in gear and lean out.