Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What day is it? Where am I?

A brief recap of the past several days that have left me more exhausted than any race or training day ever could.


Thursday: Leave PHX for Nashville after work on a delayed flight.  Arrive at 1:30 AM on Friday.


Friday: Picked up by my trooper of a sister at 1:30 AM and spend time with the folks until 3:30 AM at the house.  Up at 8:00 AM to start packing the moving truck.  Still packing…more packing…eat dinner with my parents, uncle, and sister.  After dinner I work on my parents' AV system until 10:00 PM


Saturday: Up at 5:00 AM.  Hit the road in a 16ft Penske loaded to the gills.  Just because it can fit doesn't mean it should.  20 minutes and the truck is bouncing all over the road…in the rain…driving…stops raining….more driving. 18 hours on the road today – my back, shoulders, and forearms are f'd.


Sunday: 1:30AM, check into a motel outside of Dallas.  6:00AM check out of motel outside Dallas….driving…more rain…more driving.  11:00 PM we arrive in PHX.  18 hours on the road today.  36 hours of driving a moving truck with horrible suspension across the country at a top speed of 65, because above that was certain death….We crash…hard.


Monday: Up at 7:00 AM, leisurely breakfast, introduce our dog, Elsie, to A's parents' dogs Chuck and Eddie.  Fighting ensues.  10:00 unload the truck at OUR house…still unloading.  First, of many massive trips to home depot.  Finally pack it in at 10:00 pm.


Tuesday: Up at 5:30 AM for swim workout.  200m warmup, 1600m at race pace, 200m cool down.  8 hours at the office (the week before classes start = CRAZY).  After work, 4 hours of painting at OUR house.  Mark wiring for electrician.  Crash. 


Wednesday: Up at 5:30 for AM run.  Just can't do it.  Try really hard, but can't get my eyes to open…even after a shower.  8 hours at the office.  More painting after work.

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jameson said...

i feel you pain dude... you need a recovery week after all the moving/packing/unpacking/driving!