Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Quick Update

Last week became a rest week after I couldn't manage anything in addition to work, unpacking, or working on the new house.  So I let it go, didn't worry about it, and was rewarded at the end of the week with the news that I qualified for the XTERRA US Nationals in Tahoe.  I was hoping to get out for a ride or a run this past weekend, but more long hours at the house with horrible nutrition (we have no kitchen) left me spent.  I woke up early Monday to head out for a run before work, but then realized we didn't have a functioning shower (ahh DIY remodeling).  So here is my training update since I've gotten back on track and fixed the shower.  My goal is just to have a solid race in Tahoe, nothing special, just be fit enough to enjoy the experience and learn from all the studs who will be there racing for keeps.  This week I'm trying to get back into the swing of training.  The next two weeks will be BIG training weeks with lots of mileage and then I will rest up before the big race.

Tuesday - 200m warm up, 400m pull w/paddles, 400m pull, 400m race pace, 400m cool down = 1800m.  I added three sets of pool plyos to the end of the workout because Ultimate league is starting here in Arizona in a few weeks and nothing makes me feel like I'm stronger than plyos.

Wednesday - 3 mile AM run

Thursday - 200m warm up, 10 x 100 on 1:45, 200 cool down = 1400m total.  Three sets of pool plyos again - feeling the leg fatigue today.

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Erin said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'll see you there! (Only for this race, I'll have to steal someone's cooler bike. The Raleigh knows his limits.) :)