Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Training Update

Friday – 4 mile run with Amanda / core work

Saturday – canceled AM hike and went to work on the house. Using a crowbar to tear down kitchen cabinets = functional strength

Sunday – back at the house for marathon of yard work. Trimming bushes = shoulders, pulling weeds = squats = legs, lifting, carrying, and hauling limbs = total body

Monday – Another impromptu trip to the house meant a canceled PM run, but Amanda stopped for ice-cream on the way back home and I ran back to the house from the store. 2 miles + arms /core while watching men's gymnastics and feeling like a girly man.

Training pictures from the weekend


jameson said...

dude... cleaning/moving/upacking all count as training! It's harder than training!

Chris said...

During your fit of girly-man-ness, did you ever look down at your ankles? That's not going to help much.