Monday, August 4, 2008

This is not a race report

It is Monday night and I'm still exhausted from a big weekend of driving and racing in California. Pre-race, race, and post race reports are all coming with plenty of pictures, but I have to find the time somewhere. We close on our house today!
The weekend was a blast. A totally different kind of XTERRA in a totally different environment from races down south. I got to meet and race against the current world champion Conrad Stoltz and I got to meet James Walsh, who inspired me to blog about racing XTERRA in the first place.
I finished 11th in my AG, good enough for some points, and didn't get hurt. Not too bad for some lack luster training over the past month and a half. Now it is just waiting to see if I earned enough points to qualify for the US Championships in Tahoe.

glad to be done

ahh the run courseheaded home


running to the finish

more of the course

at least it was pretty

swim start



the bike course

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jameson said...

it was killer meeting you garrett. hopefully I'll see you in tahoe!