Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Post-Race XTERRA Snow Valley

I recovered quickly from the race by just standing and breathing. A lot of what made the course difficult was the elevation. There is definitely a trick to keeping your effort within a given range at altitude. I checked out the results:

12th AG – points, but not what I had been hoping for
69th OA - big change from Dawg Days - bad change
5th AG out of the water
20th OA out of the water

Much stiffer competition in these SW races. I talked briefly with James about the race, and then Amanda and I decided to skip the awards and hit the road back home. I felt pretty nasty about an hour into the ride home and it was a long ride back home.

A big thank you to Amanda for shuttling me and all my gear all weekend. It would have been near impossible to cart my gear up to the top and had enough left to race. It was also great to have her there cheering me on and seeing me race for the first time this year. So that was XTERRA Snow Valley. Now I sit back and watch the points to see if I make Nationals!

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