Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Training Update

Saturday - worked on the house in the morning, but then spent some quality time building a new bike in the afternoon. Unfortunately, it is the kind with the skinny tires so you can only be so excited about it, but a new bike is a new bike. Skinny tires are the first step toward a 1/2 IM in the fall.

- I had to take the new bike for a ride. Relaxed pace just trying to get a feel for the ride - SWEET! I threw in a couple of hard sprints just to see how fast it would go - FAST! Pretty exciting to add another beast to the stable. I rode up by Tempe Town Lake and was excited to do some exploring, but what I found was this. I was so bummed to find out there was a tri in my own backyard on a weekend when I would have been totally up for racing. Grrr..

- AM Swim 1800 / lunchtime lift

- AM run on SoMo 45 minutes on the trail with lots of climbing. Great morning run, but the trail wrecked my back that had been recovering well.

- AM swim (45 minutes straight) / lunchtime lift

Tonight I am doing the Ride of Silence and excited to meet up with some other bike folks in the area. My plan for Thursday is to do the big ride to work and ride home all bike commute day. It's 40 miles and I have the legs. I just hope I have the back for it. Get out and do your local Ride of Silence if you can!

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