Monday, May 11, 2009


I've been pretty quiet since the race in Vegas. There are a bunch of reasons for this but the short version is that my back has been really painful, it's the end of the semester at work so my busiest time of the year, and our dog has become dangerously sick and we've been spending lots of time at the vet and lots of time at home taking care of the pup.

I swam Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday last week. Easy 1,400m each day just to try and stay in some kind of shape while I wait for my back to calm down. Nothing too exciting on the training front as this is all I've done since Vegas. I'm planning to try a run tonight after work - fingers crossed.

I was really disappointed that after months of training I went into Vegas hurt. Now it looks like my recovery could last a while and I'll go into the race in Show Low without the kind of fitness I have been working so hard to achieve. The positive side of this is that I've been able to chill out a little and think about my priorities and spend some good times with family and friends.

Looks like the DSG - 12 hr race in Tennessee was even sloppier than last year. Got to give a big shout to team Cul Da Sac. Sad to have missed a weekend with friends, but kind of glad to not have traveled across the country for pushing a bike through muck.

I'm still going to get the Vegas race report out at some point. It just hasn't been a priority.


Erin said...

I hope your back sobers up and gets back to his responsibilities as your athletic supporter :P Stupid bodies not cooperating!

I also hope your dog is ok! Keep us updated!

Zippy said...

Hope the doggie is OK!

I was sick for a month after Xterra REAL thanks to my Nephews and got to watch my hard-earned fitness disappear. The back will heal and your fitness will come back; I promise.