Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Counting down...

My next race in Show Low, AZ is coming up this weekend. My plan had been to rest my back and go into this weekend feeling healthy and strong. Well, I got a little too aggressive with the training and ramped up the mileage probably a little too soon. I've been able to handle the miles (and the pain) but I am going to need to take some serious recovery after the race in Show Low.

Training Update:
Saturday - 2.3 mile hike up/down Camelback Mountain followed by 17 mile road ride (loving the new bike).

Camelback It may be short, but it's steep.

Sunday - 3 mile run (lots of back pain with running)
Monday - rest
Tuesday - AM 1,600m swim, lunchtime lift and back stretches, PM MTB?

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