Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pre-race = rain

Pre-Race - XTERRA Show Low
Its raining. The race director this afternoon said that everyone who rode the course yesterday in these conditions came back with bikes that were 15 pounds heavier. Nothing like lots of climbing in lots of clay mud. Awesome. I've been getting so psyched to crush this weekend and swim, ride, and run it's going to be a messy battle all day.

So I didn't get to pre-ride today (rain and lightning) and the course is also supposed to be somewhat confusing. This sounds like a winning combination. During the race briefing there was something about a locked gate that they don't have the keys to so you have to climb over it with your bike. Glad I at least made the meeting.

The drive up here wasn't great for my back and now I'm just sitting around trying to stay loose. Early 7am start in the morning. 57 degrees. It is over 100 back in the Valley so this is going to be a big shock racing in cold rain. I might pick up some PAM after dinner for lubing up the bike in the AM if the rain continues.

Never know what to expect with XTERRA. I think that's why I like it.....I think.

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Zippy said...

Brad Kearns once said something along the lines of "you cannot control the conditions, only how you react to them". Roll with it; if anything it'll make a cool story. Like Cal Poly SLO 2006 where I came into T1 and there was fresh snow on the ground...