Friday, May 15, 2009

miraculous recovery

Our dog appears to be on the up and up. Blood tests showed improved protein levels, she's not losing protein through her urine, and while some thickening showed up on her ultrasound she has been acting like the happy dog she is. The vet is still concerned because they can't explain the recovery, but she's eating, playing, and pooping like she should and that's good enough for me and a big relief for our little family.

I on the other hand have not had such luck. Given the circumstances I think I too am healing, but more slowly. It's my own fault. I returned to everyday training this week despite my back pain. I've made some modifications and cut back on distances, but got back to it this week. While I'm sure this is to the detriment of my recovery I've had more energy, been in a better mood, and have been sleeping well again. It's kind of scary what a week without exercising does to my mood, energy, and sleep routine.

I might try some rigorous workouts this weekend and see how the back responds. I've got a buddy who's going to do XTERRA Deuces Wild so hopefully we can start training together next week. UPS should be delivering a package today that will get my weekend off on the right soon!!!

Monday - 4.5 run
Tuesday - lift arms
Wednesday - AM lift / lunchtime swim (1,600)
Thursday - AM lift / PM trainer ride (30min)
Friday - AM lift / lunchtime swim (100, 800 build, 400 race, 100 cool down)

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Zippy said...

Glad the pooch is on the mend! Hope your back gets better as well.