Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Workouts and Weddings

First, I apologize for the lack of pictures.  My camera was a casualty of the wedding I attended this past weekend in Wisconsin and I'm hoping it finds its way back to me before too long.

This weekend was about as busy as they come with a late Friday night flight to MSP followed by a two hour solo drive to Arcadia, WI.  I got four maybe five hours of sleep before heading out to the town's only breakfast establishment.  Eggs, bacon, toast, hash browns, and coffee for under 5.00.  Amazing!  After breakfast it was off to the wedding site, Faye's family farm, where I helped setup chairs and tables under the tent.  I was hoping to sneak off for a run out in the country, but we helped out until just before the ceremony.   It was a fabulous wedding, everyone looked great, and an excellent party complete with fireworks, but it was another late night with little sleep.  I returned home Sunday totally whooped, but had big plans for Monday AM.

John was back in town visiting from Nashville and the only time we could ride was Monday AM, so 5:00 AM on Monday I was up and on my way to meet him at South Mtn.  We rode the Mormon Loop, which is a dangerous ride in the early morning darkness on limited sleep.  I managed to stay upright, but not able to keep up with John whose desert skills are just nasty.  It was a beautiful early morning ride and I loved seeing another trail on this incredible mountain.

This morning I couldn't pull the trigger and wake up for an AM swim so today will just be the first Ultimate Frisbee league game tonight.  I'm excited to play Ultimate; it feels like it has been a long time.  I hope to a swim Wednesday and Friday during lunch with big bike plans for the weekend.  Tahoe feels like it's creeping up on me, but despite all the craziness I think I'm preparing more than I give myself credit for.  We'll just have to wait and see....

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