Friday, September 5, 2008

Training & Life Update

The new house is coming along nicely, which has meant training and nutrition have been easier.  The majority of the painting is complete, and the bedroom and kitchen are totally finished.  I've been on a plumbing streak lately - fixed the dishwasher, disposal, and washer.  I did ruin the bathroom sink.  3 out of 4 ain't bad.  I've been enjoying having a "home" and I just bought a beater bike for commuting to the store and sometimes to work.  We are 1 mile door to door from the local Trader Joe's and bike lanes the whole way makes going car free even easier.

I've always been jealous of the posts that talk about sweet trails "out my backdoor".  Bloggers in California and Colorado are particularly notorious for this.  Well, I'm considering 6 miles "out my back door" and now have an early morning ride that is my perfect zen experience.  Living 6 miles from South Mountain (the largest municipal park in the US) is sweet.  The perfect morning: light breakfast, bike 6 miles with bike lanes to South Mtn., beautiful desert single track, ride back home, jump in the pool, grab some coffee and a breakfast burrito, back in the pool.  I did this twice last week.  Perfection.

I've got my eyes set on Tahoe  in early October, but fall league for Ultimate Frisbee in Phoenix starts next week, so I'll have to work that into my schedule.  I'm also considering the Phoenix Rock'n'Roll 1/2 marathon in January - so much for a relaxing off-season.  Here's the latest training update.

Friday: 3 mile AM run
Saturday: 18 mile bike (6 on the road, 6 on the trail, 6 on the road home)**
Sunday: Painting
Monday: 5 mile road ride (between painting/plumbing work)
Tuesday: AM swim 1,800m
Wednesday: 18 mile bike (6 on the road, 6 on the trail, 6 on the road home)**
Thursday: AM swim 1,600m
Friday: 3 mile AM run (the dog was looking extra cute this morning so she came with)

**Best morning routine ever


jake said...


You got to work that out so it reads 6 on the road, 12-18 on the trail, and 6 on the road home. You are a little light on the trail miles for that to be the best workout ever.

Fyi, mine is 100 yards on the road, 1-3 hours on the trail, 100 yards on the road. And I live in New Hampshire.

Rock out,

XTERRA 29er said...

Notice I said "morning routine". Sure 12-18 would be solid, but for a morning before work 6 makes for a nice routine.

I'm serious about you coming out for a visit. Maybe after Guillermo makes nationals.

jake said...

You know I would rather ride dirt then road, so I would be trying to stretch that 6 every time.

i will be out in the new year. when i can't take winter anymore. or maybe sooner. i miss the desert.

So are you going to try to play with them now? Isn't everyone out of the region?