Friday, September 26, 2008

The final push

My XTERRA triathlon season ends one week from Sunday with the completion of XTERRA nationals.  I'm wrapping up a solid week of training and looking forward to a final push this weekend.  I have a 32 mile MTB ride planned for Sat. AM and then I will begin tapering with lighter and more moderate workouts leading up to the big race weekend.  As the season winds down it is really coming into focus and I can't believe everything I've learned in my first year of racing.  I've learned so much about the sport, but even more about myself.  I'm working on a post - probably after Nationals - where hopefully I'll be able to really expound upon what I've learned.  For now it is about enjoying my last focused workouts of the year all leading up to Nationals which was my biggest goal for this 2008 XTERRA season.

Training Update:
Tuesday: strength training / core / Ultimate league game
Wednesday: bike 20 miles home from work / 2 mile transition run to pickup car*
Thursday: AM swim 1800m
Friday: 4 mile run

*This is such an incredible way to train: 
Day 1 - drive to work with bike, leave bike, drive home.  Day 2 - drive to co-workers, catch ride to work, bike home, run to co-workers to pick up car.  Nothing better.

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jameson said...

see ya this weekend dude!

I like the "go green" workout... good idea!