Thursday, September 18, 2008

Flip Mode

So Monday I got a little heated thinking about how my training had fallen off course.  I vowed to get back on the horse and start getting after it in the weeks leading up to Tahoe.  There are several interesting trends that have come about as a result of this new training plan.

1)  I eat whatever I want.  If I'm going to push hard I need fuel and part of the motivation for working hard these weeks has come in the form of hot dogs, ice-cream, and beer (which are all amazing, but mainly the hot dogs)
2)  Training as transportation.  I've been carpooling to work with some awesome co-workers lately and that's made my training transportation plan easier.  Hitch a ride to work - bike home.  Go the store with my wife - run home.  It works.
3)  No rules.  This may be counter intuitive, and maybe it was being raised in the south, but there comes a time when you just have to work to the point of exhaustion, then work a little more, eat a hot dog, work some more, and then have a beer to rehydrate.  Sort of a "if you can catch a wrench" training model.  Riding 20+ miles on a $100 Jamis mountain bike with a rubbing front brake and leaking front fork through the city is specifically what I'm talking about.  I was hammering and grandmas on cruisers were keeping up...that may be a slight exaggeration.

So what has training looked like?
Monday - 3.5 mile AM run, 2 mile PM run, core work
Tuesday - 7 mile AM ride, Ultimate league game PM
Wednesday - 20 mile ride home from work, transition to 2 mile run to pick up car at co-workers
Thursday - 1600m race pace AM swim / PM supersets 

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Angela Brown said...

Love the integration of training + life! I've been feeling torched lately and looking for a new way to get motivated. Very inspirational. You'll kick butt October 5!