Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Less than two weeks until XTERRA Nationals in Tahoe....

Flight - check
Hotel - check
Bike - check (renting from Village Ski Loft)
Car - not yet (economy with bike rack or minivan?)

Training update:
Friday - 15 mile bike / 1600m swim
Saturday - active rest (climb around in 120 degree attic)
Sunday - 2 hr on McDowell Mtn.
Monday - 1400m swim


jake said...

what bike did you rent? do they have a 29er for you? if you are switching back to a 26" wheel or renting a dual suspension rig you should switch your training to that type of bike. otherwise, trouble...

XTERRA 29er said...

Guaranteed trouble!

The bike is a Specialized Enduro 6" 26" double bounce. Couldn't find a niner rental. This is going to be wild.

jake said...

wow. good luck getting the thing dialed in. spend some time at the shop setting the shocks up. that is going to be funny.