Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What I Eat

I'm a big fan of James Walsh's blog and when he posted this the other day it got me thinking about my own health and nutrition. Because endurance sports can be such a personal endeavor I think it is easy to get yourself out of whack. When you play team sports there are coaches and teammates who are all putting forth similar exertion and while some can take more than others it is easy to keep a balance of work/rest. When you are one competitive SOB who likes to push sometimes it can be too much.
After reading JW's post it got me thinking about my own nutrition. I've always felt I do a pretty good job of eating enough of the right stuff to keep me fueled, but there have been times when I knew I needed to do more. I logged on to FitDay and decided to keep a food journal for a while just to track how I'm doing in reality compared to what I think I'm doing.

Day 1 (pretty normal with exception of ice-cream and rootbeer)
It is pretty cool to see I'm pretty close to right on target

So I consumed 4,452 calories and burned 4,617. Not too shabby. Pretty cool little utility with lots more feedback and graphs than I posted.

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jameson said...

good post dude... i need to start tracking mine too... but it's such a hassle! i just like to eat.