Saturday, July 4, 2009

Race Weekend!

I threw my SS and my CX bikes in the car along with the dog on Thursday night and headed up to Northern Arizona. We arrived late Thursday and spent some time with the in-laws at their house before calling it a day. A very long day. I started Thursday supervising a concrete company pouring our new yard borders in preparation for our artificial turf yard that goes in this week.

Friday morning I slept in a little bit and had some breakfast with the intention of riding trail 305 in Prescott, AZ. I've tried to ride this trail twice before. The first time it was pouring rain as soon as I got the trail and the second time I got double flats (one when I got the bike out of the car and one riding from the car to the trail head). The MTBR folks were big on 305 and I was excited ride what they were talking about. So I headed out the door Friday AM as my father in law says, "looks like we may get some rain."

Five minutes from the trail head the sky opened up and it poured. I saw blue sky to the east where the 10k I was running in the morning was being held so I headed over there to ride those trails. I got to the trail head got the bike out and BOOM - thunder, lighting, and rain. I tried waiting it out in the car, but finally called it quits and headed home.

Friday afternoon was a different story as the storms broke and I headed out to 305 one more. This time I was not disappointed!

this trail dries fast
first ride in new kicks
I've been off this bike way too long
the trail made me homesick

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