Monday, July 13, 2009


I've been dropping hints about the remainder of my season for a while now. I've been trying to decide between a return to playing competitive ultimate Frisbee or continuing to race triathlons and endurance events through the fall. I only took up triathlon as a temporary diversion from ultimate hoping to heal 15 years of competitive ultimate injuries. I have to admit I got hooked on XTERRA (and it really is sweet stuff), but my true love will always be ultimate. It offers a community and physical challenge like nothing I've ever known.

This past Saturday I attended the local men's practice that consisted of two scrimmages. I held my own in the first game, but by the second game I was totally spent. Endurance wise I was fine, but the strength and power of sprinting, jumping, and changing direction tapped out my limited reserve of quick twitch muscles. So after a brutal morning of practice I knew how much I missed it, but that same morning found out that playing ultimate this year would be out of reach. The team I had been planning to play for has folded for the season and taken my return to playing with it.

So what now? That's a very good question. I have 1 more XTERRA race - 4 days from now - and I'm still eying a 1/2 IM, but that looks doubtful as my mileage has tapered off with the heat and continued back pain. I'm looking at a fall filled with whatever I feel like - some ultimate, some biking, some triathlons, and a lot more getting out of town with A to backpack, hike, and explore the Southwest. I've been derelict in my adventure trip planning and this fall may be just the time to set things right.

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