Thursday, July 9, 2009

Gheral Brownlow 10k - race report

I've been sitting on this for too long and now I've lost the flavor of last weekend, but here it goes:

19th overall: 2nd in Age Group: 51:22: 8:16 pace
I showed up late to a 10k at 6,000ft with over 200 people. I rode my bike to the race and started it already breathing hard, I kept up with the front guys for about a mile before they dropped me on the first big climb. I got passed by a bunch of people from mile 1-3.5. At 3.5 I had a little "come to Jesus" talk with myself and picked up the pace and picked people off. I ran miles 5 and 6 all by myself at a strong pace.

My overall pace and time were slower than I expected, but I also didn't' expect the course to have so much climbing. There was one climb where running wasn't possible and I had to walk it. Racing at altitude also made it tougher, but I felt I handled it pretty well.

It bums me out not to do a proper race report since I really had a great day riding and racing last weekend. Things at work and at home have hit light speed and I'm trying to keep it all balanced. Big update on the future of my season/plan coming in the next couple of days....let's just say Ultimate is back in the picture.
race stuff the night before
yes, that is in fact bubble wrap taped around the cords of a track bag. I realized on Friday night I didn't have a bag for carrying my run stuff to the race and at 6:30am I didn't have a sherpa. So I modified this track bag to hold my run shoes, bike lock, and other stuff with a little tape and bubble wrap. It worked, but I didn't win any style points.

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