Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Break

I didn't plan on taking such a big hiatus from the blog, and training, but I'm gearing up for a new 2009 season and I have big plans. The past week and a half was dominated by my parents and sister coming out to visit us here in the desert. It was great to have them all out here and spend time with them as well as the in laws. I'm so fortunate that our families get along so well and we have the opportunity to see each other so often.

12/19 - 4 mile run
12/20 - 5 mile run to hospital to visit A's uncle, 3 mile short route home
12/21 - 1.5 hr ride on SoMo at sunset
12/22 - strength and core work
12/23 - hike with parents and sis on SoMo
12/24 - 4 mile run with A
12/25 - Christmas!
12/26 - rest
12/27 - rest
12/28 - 7 mile run w/A, 45 min functional strength training with sis
12/29 - installed new gutters
12/30 - rest

Top 10 ride the other day on South Mountain. So much has been going on lately is was great to get away for a while and ride some empty desert singletrack at sunset. Riding the singlespeed made it an even more pure experience. I really enjoyed the washes and just bombing in and out of everything just going with the flow of the ride. Stellar.

Elsie all set for SoMo
trail shot
big wheels
playing with shadowson the trail

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