Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thank you XTERRA Wetsuits!

I’ve accomplished one of my goals for this rest week and decided on my wetsuit for the season. This season I’ll be racing in the XTERRA Vortex 2. XTERRA offered an incredible deal on this wetsuit and with Ft. Yargo in only a couple of weeks I needed a quality suit that would be here for race-day. My wetsuit should be here next week, which gives me some time to get comfortable in it and practice getting in/out of it prior to my first race.
My hamstring continues to be a problem even with daily RICE treatment. I may look into getting some massage before the end of the rest week so I can go into my last two weeks of training before the race as close to 100% as possible. We have flood warnings in affect for Nashville and all surrounding counties because of the heavy downpours today and forecasted for Friday. That makes it a good week to be catching up on sleep and the other parts of life that I miss out on while training. It has been nice to sleep in every morning, getting my recovery workouts in during lunch and after work.
Tonight I coach the Vanderbilt Ultimate teams for one of the last times this season. It has been a different season coaching the men’s and women’s teams, only doing conditioning, and not traveling with the teams. I wish I had the time to devote more to the teams (at tournaments and during the week), but this year was a realistic compromise of what I could actually offer.

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