Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Quick Update

Life is busy. A quick training update:
Thursday – brutal track workout, 6 miles in total distance. I really felt the benefits of track work in my 15k race, so while it was tough, I know it is good for me.
Friday – rest
Saturday – Bike/Run (8/2 x 2) brick workout. Too muddy so I stayed on the road for the bike and run.
Sunday – Pyramid swim for time 60’
Monday – Rest and shopping for a new tri suit. No luck. I need a tax rebate to afford one.
Tuesday – Work responsibilities limit me to just a strength session today during lunch

Wednesday and Thursday will both be big training days with brick workouts leading up to my last big weekend of training before tapering for my 1st race of the year. I’ve still got to get in the water with my new wet suit, decide on a new tri suit or my existing one, and decide which bike to ride. I bought a new one, built it up, but I just love my SS and feel so fast on it that’s it is a toss up. More to come soon!

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