Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Breaking radio silence...

Blog posts have been few and far between lately, but not because there hasn't been any news related to my plans for XTERRA in 2009. I still haven't decided what role XTERRA will have in my 2009 athletic season, but several things have fallen into place that have me leaning that direction.
1) I miss racing
2) I miss structured training
3) I have a new race bike
4) I have a new all mountain bike
5) I've been working on my running
6) I have a new triathlon coach

Some of these items, like say #6, might seem to suggest that 2009 would be a lock for XTERRA. More details in coming days, but the most important thing may be that I miss racing or at least miss having races to look forward to. The weather here in Arizona is also amazing right now and making me wish I had some structured training to be out doing in this weather instead of 100+ like it was all summer. Anyway, thanks for reading and more updates soon.

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