Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rest week

My 2008 XTERRA season ended with Nationals last weekend so I took this entire week off. Complete rest - well I played league Tuesday night. I caught up with friends, family and work around the house.

Saturday, A and I worked for Habitat for Humanity and then I found some time to work on my Singlespeed. I haven't ridden this bike in almost 4 months - a real travesty and a consequence of so much racing and training.

Sunday John was in town so we hit up McDowell Mountain for an AM ride - perfect singlespeed track and tons of fun.

The eats this week have been awesome. I celebrated my one week off-season with Golden Grahams and Little Debbie.
Roofing for Habitat
finished product
time for wrenching
my post season nutrition

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Sean Crichton said...

Oatmeal cream pies and Golden Grahams!!! Hells Yeah! Dude - i feel ya when ya say that it was an accomplishment to even make it to the race and finish. Congrats big time on the National Championships. I, too, learned A LOT at that race. C ya next year on the trail to Maui.......