Tuesday, October 14, 2008

One week off-season

Until this year every fall brought the end of the competitive club ultimate season. Congrats to JAM, PoNY, Alpha Cobra Squadron, and Guillermo Y Comania for all making Nationals this year. I’ll miss hanging out in Sarasota.For the past several years the end of ultimate season meant weeks/months of physical therapy and rest - torn psoas muscle, torn meniscus, cyst on my PCL, and the usual bumps and bruises. One reason I decided to race XTERRA this year was to take a physical break from playing ultimate and use the year to build some strength and explore some different sports, while still qualifying for a national championship. Mission accomplished!

I’m still undecided about next year. Do I return to Ultimate? Do I use my 1st year of XTERRA experience to build an awesome plan of attack for a second year and redemption in Tahoe? Or do I live a more balanced life playing some ultimate, racing some local XTERRA races, skiing, backpacking, and just being active….?

Well, until I make that decision I’ve decided to join A in running the 2009:

I’ll be clear about this – I hate running, but if I want a better 2009 XTERRA season spending time training for this ½ will be a serious plus. If I go back to ultimate or just want to be active in 2009 this training won’t be that bad either. It’s just so much running….

So with my one week of rest after XTERRA 2008, I’m officially training again. Those of you that know me are not surprised at all.

Monday: 30 minute low intensity run

Tuesday:: 30 minute bike / core work

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Angela said...

So funny to hear you say you hate running. I'm training for the St. Jude half in Memphis in December and feel the same way. What do you hate about it? The boredom or something else?