Friday, January 25, 2008

Training indoors

I spent 45 minutes on the trainer yesterday and thought I was going to die….of boredom. There is a reason I love XTERRA so much and it is because not only do you get to compete OUTSIDE, but instead of plugging along on a nice paved road with some ups and downs you get to ride/run off the nice paved road. So indoor riding/running are just about the furthest thing from the real thing as far as I’m concerned, of course when it is 12 degrees outside there isn’t much choice.
I feel like I led a solid Vanderbilt conditioning practice last night. We were indoors so lots of functional strength exercises mixed in with running on the indoor track. Burpees, side crawling, wall sits, pushups, lunges, standing squats, and lots of abs. Leading four groups through the conditioning means, I got 4x the workout. I’m not feeling too sore this morning, which may have a lot to do with sleeping in my compression tights after practice last night. Today is a rest day before a weekend of swimming, running, and hopefully wrenching on the new bike.

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