Thursday, October 8, 2009

OK Computer?

For being a huge nerd and loving tech toys it's pretty surprising that I've never owned a bike computer. What isn't surprising is that I have an incredible wife who could tell I really needed one. So for my birthday this year I got this guy.

Sadly, I am now on the verge of having my new favorite toy taken away. Like a small child that shoots his little sister with a new ping-pong gun; I'm having way too much fun. Who knew that seeing your current speed, max speed, and average speed could be so much fun...and so addicting.

Part of the problem is that I share all of this information with my wife who loves me. Instead of appreciating how impressive an 18mph average speed is for my commute home she can only imagine me ignoring traffic, eyes glued to the computer, and trying to achieve a new land speed record on my bike. While this is not the case, for the most part, I should probably keep more of this information to myself if I want to keep my new toy.

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