Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Interbike Day 1

Outdoor Demo in Bootleg Canyon lived up to the hype. I've included pics of most of the bikes I road on day 1. Keep in mind the weather was perfect, the community of riders A+, and the bikes were out of this world. Not a bad Monday.

GT Sensor 29er

Intense Uzzi
Santa Cruz Tallboy
Gary Fisher Rumblefish
Yeti ARC
Ellsworth Moment
Surly Pugsly
Surly Pugsly
Jamis 650B

It was a long day of riding on some really excellent trails. I took one shuttle run up to the top, but the SC Tallboy was a disappointment on the way down. The winners for day 1 were definitely the GF Rumblefish and the Surly Pugsley.

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Slater Fletcher said...

bummed I missed the outdoor demo... what was the weight on that Surly Pugsley?