Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Interbike 2009 Day 2

Day 2 brought another early morning visit to McDonalds for breakfast before hitting the shuttle to the trails. While Monday's line for the shuttle was only a couple people deep the Tuesday shuttle line was packed with 100+. Next year I'll wake up earlier on Tuesday and keep my wrist strap on from Monday (you get to move to the front).

The trails on Tuesday were a little looser and a little more crowded, but still a blast. The lower temps (90s) felt great, but the wind was still strong blowing up all kinds of dust. It was a struggle to get suited up in the hotel room, but once on site it was another day in paradise.

that's a carbon weave
stair stepper anyone
Canondale left rize
Giant 29er
Banshee Paradox
A2B electric bike (20 miles @ 20mph)
Moots Mooto xz
new special addition 100oz mule pack

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